CineSports- Youth Sports Filming

CinéSports - Youth Sports Filming


CineSports, powered by two professional soccer players, will be filming the 2016 Capital Fall Classic! Filming is captured from 25 ft elevation giving the perspective college coaches want to see!  

Click HERE to purchase your filming package. 


EARLY BIRD PRICING: Expires November 7th! 

  • Single Game: $199 
  • 2 Games: $399 $299      
  • 3 Games: $499 $399 (split cost with team!)
  • Individual Highlight Reel: $499 (email to coordinate)< o:p>

Enter raffle to win a free game for your team!!! Email now to enter! Hint: the more emails from your team the more likely you will win;)

  • Fees can be split by the team for as low as $8/game per parent!
  • Professional elevated game film. Perfect for college recruiting!
  • Sharable MP4 Downloadable link sent days after the event!
  • All film is editable!
  • CineSports is powered by two professional soccer players!


Click HERE to view an example highlight reel!!


For any additional questions, please feel free to email or call Nate Shiffman, Managing Partner of CineSports, at 804-306-3694.